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AIR GAS ELECTRONIC MATERIALS (AGEM) is a Gas Manufacturing and R&D plant placed in Taiwan, having an unparallel expertise in the field of Speciality, Electronic, Bulk and Calibration gases across the globe in 6 different regions. We provide services in the following sectors Semiconductor/Electronics/ PV, Oil gas fibre optics, Defence (DRDO/DRDE), Life Science, Institution, Biotech, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals. We are proud to provide factory direct sale, analytical capacities, good packaging and smooth shipment, fast and quick service. We are specialized in:

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Our specialty gases and related products include electronic grade gases, Halocarbons, Refrigerants, UHP gases, Pure Hydrocarbons, Calibration standards (NIST / EPA Protocol Standards), Laser gases, Specialty Chemicals
We are authorised distributor of REC Silicon (USA) for supplying Silane over PAN India.

Authorized distributor of REC Silicon - Semicontech Gases Pvt. Ltd.
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Taiwan - Kaohsiung City (Headquarters, R&D Centre) India - Mumbai, Vadodara, Bengaluru, Delhi
United Arab Emirates - Dubai, Abu-Dhabi
United Kingdom - Cambridge
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam

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AGEM supports Designing & Installation on turnkey gas distribution, chemical production, solar energy and research & development. We are proud to mention that we work with some remarkable products like manufacturing, designing & erecting high purity system testing, gas delivery equipment, special gas supply/processing equipment and chemical system. Alongside this we also provide maintenance and control system upgradations. Ultra-high purity specialty gas, liquid, and equipment for the semiconductor, flat panel display, Solar cell, and Fibre optic industries are some of our popular accomplished projects.

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