About Us

SEMICONTECH – A Group of “AGEM” a leading supplier of Semiconductor grade (CORT Gases) in all type of packaging. We are a renowned company in providing specialty gases, High Purity Valves, Regulators, Tubes, Control Fittings, Gas Cabinets and panels, Gas Packaging and Shipment. We have our registered office in India and UAE. We have already tied up as partner with other companies for successful expansion of our present business.
Approved high quality products, competitive pricing, and continual technological innovation have helped our business grow. We are always striving to improve our product lines and develop new products for diverse markets.

Quality Assurance
Products are produced, assembled and tested by an experienced and dedicated work force that is committed to product integrity and excellence. In addition to their high quality, the products are interchangeable with most major brands.

Corporate Culture & Management
Semicontech Gases Pvt Ltd strives to instil employee confidence, team spirit, enthusiasm, and self-improvement. The company culture enables employees to provide outstanding customer service, excellent product quality, and continuous technological innovation.
Semicontech Gases Pvt Ltd believes in constant improvement to maintain its competitive edge. The company continues to invest considerable time and effort in developing comprehensive training programs to help its employees to fully realize their potential.